May 10, 2022 Celebrate Asian Culture at the Fiesta Asia Street Fair in Washington D.C.

Celebrate Asian culture by coming out and supporting the 16th annual Fiesta Asia Street Fair in Washington D.C., Saturday, May 21st. The fair takes place right in front of Capitol Hill and is partnered with the historic Passport DC organization. The Passport DC event takes the time to feature a different culture each weekend and celebrates the uniqueness of each different place. 

The Fiesta Asia Street Fair, quite obviously, celebrates Asian culture with music, crafts, food, and many other different cultural activities. One fun and interesting addition to the Asia Street Fair is the live, martial arts demonstration. The kids will love seeing a live performance, done by actual martial artists! A talent show will also take place, and cooking demonstrations of traditional, Asian dishes will also be something cool to check out while visiting the fair. 

Go online to for more information on the event, and be sure to mark your calendars for May 21st, so you can enjoy a day full of learning and experiencing true Asian culture. 

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