May 1, 2022 A Tasty Place to Meet up with Friends and Enjoy a Strong Cup of Joe: The Ministry Coffee

The Ministry Coffee is a cute, boutique-style café in downtown Washington D.C. that serves up fresh coffee, tasty food, and even fine wine. Started by sisters, Elisa and Lourdes, who got their roots in Guatemala, wanted to start a coffee shop that would bring the people of the community together with the finest coffee in all of Washington D.C., and good food too. 

If you’re hungry and here for the food, you can choose from the tasty pastry menu with items like an oat cookie, Polish snowballs, banana bread, or freshly baked chocolate chip muffins. Lunch and brunch-type options are available too, salads, soups, and even pasta are also great menu items to try! 

While you indulge in some tasty treats, you have to check out the drink menu. Coffee options include espresso, cappuccino, lattes, cortado, and a traditional flat white. If you’re more of a tea person The Ministry Coffee, despite its name, also offers a great selection of teas as well! Herbal teas, green tea, and black tea are all viable options. 

Visit their website at and check out the full menu online and plan your visit to The Ministry Coffee today. 

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