image for blog Have You Tried the Breakfast Sandwiches at Cracked Eggery?
November 22, 2021 Have You Tried the Breakfast Sandwiches at Cracked Eggery?

Recently opened near 880P, Cracked Eggery serves eggs however you like. Whether you prefer scrambled, sunny side, or over easy, they got you covered. On the menu, you’ll find bowls, sandwiches, cracked tots, kids’ meals, along with coffee, soda, and juice beverages to sip with your meal. Not sure what piques your interest the most on the menu? Try The Mayor sandwich, cooked with cracked bacon, scrambled egg, American and cheddar cheese, and cracked sauce. While you’re at it, add a side of their salted cracked tots with a sweet Nitro cold brew coffee to the sandwich for a perfect combination. 

As you stay for a bit and unwind, take in the bright colors from their neon lights of egg, bacon, and bread hanging on the ceiling, as well as black-and-white wallpaper with egg and bacon designs featured on it. You’ll find the setting inside is roomy, with tables and chairs spread out neatly. They also have a cozy outdoor patio in front of the store for those craving fresh air while devouring their egg dish. 

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