image for blog Menomale Brings Neapolitan Pizza to DC
July 30, 2021 Menomale Brings Neapolitan Pizza to DC

“This is good pizza.” That’s what one Yelp reviewer had to say about their visit to Menomale, a new addition to NoMa. The second location is as appealing as the original in Brookland, with pizza and other Italian dishes for every preference. 

With this new addition, you’ve got a new perfect spot to take out-of-town friends and family and local loved ones alike. Pick up an assortment of pizzas for game night or pasta dishes for date night. Split a calzone with your best friend or treat the whole family to pizza. Short of visiting Italy directly, Menomale offers some of the best Italian food you’ll find. As one reviewer writes, “I haven’t actually been to Italy, but until I do I’m happy to have Menomale set the standard for this kind of food around here.”

Around here, Menomale is quickly growing a reputation as one of the best Italian restaurants in the area—another reviewer insists the pizza is “probably the best around NoMA, Old City and Trinidad neighborhoods.” And, whether you’re eating pizza, pasta, or another dish, you’ll likely agree that Menomale offers some of the best of the best, both locally and more broadly. 

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